Riddell Rd, Glendowie is a beautiful home with Smart Home Automation Integration System done by TSA Tech. As you drive home, you will feel your warm home greeting you as Alexa opens the gate and garage before reaching your destination. Along the way, the garage lights will light up to welcome you back. TSA Tech has integrated all lights throughout the home from the entrance to the kitchen and eating area, entertainment rooms, study to bedrooms and bathrooms.

As smart-home automation is being integrated into an existing home, we have recommended and built the wireless smart-home control system inside. The method chosen is to add modules behind the current traditional switching panels. It is an in destructive installation and economical choice for users who wish to keep their home structure unchanged. All devices are linked to the system and controlled by a small computer, also bound with Amazon Alexa to allow for convenient voice and app control. We work with reliable Amazon Alexa. The extensive range of available integrable products in the market with this virtual assistant allows our customers to add even more smart devices of their own accord. In this home, the Somfy shades in the living room singularly and collectively open, open, and stop by a bridge directly bound with Alexa. Amazon Alexa Echo products are also placed in the main bedroom and most frequently used public areas of the home, such as the kitchen, and garage, to ensure coverage of voice control at the most used places.

The best part of the smart home is the simple and convenient home automation. It has also been built in for frequent pass-through areas to make them perform without touch or voice. Users can feel the difference as one passes through the stairs, during a quick trip to the food pantry and public toilet, or when one's hands are full from laundry. The corresponding lights will light up when the user gets close and turn off automatically after the user leaves. It is the same for the garage. Does it not feel great to have the lights welcome you home at the end of a tiring day? Automated lighting is also installed for all storage rooms to ensure no opportunity of forgetfulness and save up any potential waste of electricity.

However, there is always space for improvement. Some thoughts on improving the current smart-home system are the choice of products, especially sensors. We have found that the motion sensor of a brand we work with does not operate consistently and sometimes causes delays to other lights in the home. A potential cause is that they use the battery. Thus, they take more time to wake, sense, and trigger, delaying all other devices in the same system. We have found similar sensors that react faster with better consistency, but, unfortunately, they are not fully recognizable with the integration system we have used. Thus, we are still searching for better options for motion sensors that can become better triggers that are more sensitive. We also wish to find and provide solutions for intercoms. We are researching intercoms that can link to the cloud and bind with Alexa to control anywhere.

We are also working on the presentation of your smart-home system. We plan to make local and custom-made interfaces for homes that show all relatable devices on the same screen. Last but not least, we are also improving the way we present our instruction manual as we have found many users are not as familiar with voice control. Other than giving general examples and a simple introduction to Alexa, we plan to include all our controllable devices with their possible commands for our customers.

As the house is on-lease, there are no music and entertainment system integration. This smart-home system only consists of lighting, switches, and door controls, with simple home automation.