How to save a water-damaged phone?

Please bring them into the trustable repair store as fast as possible.

More time means less chance to recover.

What would water damage do to your device?

When your devices fall in the water, the water turns into your devices via the ports, jacks, keyboard and speakers. The water in the device causes permanent damage to various electrical components because copper gets oxidized with water. Your devices may still work for a while after been dropped into the water, and you try to dry out. Later, it stops working once the corrosion has hit a certain level and shortens the circuits. The truth is the moisture inside your device is not gone.

The moisture in your device needs to be 100% remove before corrosion started. Unfortunately, genuinely drying your machines out isn’t for most people can do at home.  

What to do if your devices get wet?

Water doesn’t waste its time to get through your devices, and the damage is not far away. It would be best if you acted fast.

Immediately take it out of the water and wipe it clean.

Then, power the device off right away. Take off the battery immediately if you can. If you cannot take it off,  power it off.

Get it to a repair store as fast as possible, and make sure the repair store can dry out your devices completely.


  • ·         Don’t dry your device in the microwave
  • ·         Don’t use a heat hairdryer to dry your water damaged devices
  • ·         Don’t put your device in a bag of rice.

Tips for keeping your devices away from water damage

  •        Get a water-resistant protection case
  •           Be mindful of your surrounding
  •        Stop bring your devices to toilets  

Suppose your devices get water damaged, bring them to TSA Tech as fast as possible. Our tech expert has a lot of repair experience and provides components-level repair service. Our store is easy to reach, wherein level 2 (next to The Warehouse) Atrium on Elliott Shopping Centre Auckland CBD.