Home automation is about integration, linking your life to comfort, with better security, control, and entertainment.

TSA Tech can provide home automation solutions to upgrade your home towards being smart. We allow your lights, curtains, TV, air-con, and more to be controlled by simple voice command through Alexa, Siri, and Google. Lights don’t just follow your command to turn on and off. They also dim and brighten and can follow the colours in a rainbow. You can also adjust curtains that open a little, halfway, and be nearly closed. For TV, you can control the volume of your TV and pick your favourite channels. And cooling and heating your home to your most comfortable temperature before you reached home becomes so easy.

Of course, we don’t just support voice control. TSA Tech can also set up your lights and curtains to automatically move at the right time, right cause, and right setting to set up the right scene. You can save up some of your power bills as lights will turn off after leaving and coming back on when you enter. Other than that, imagine the sense of comfort: your lights and music welcome you home after a long day, and the curtains and news start your new refreshing day. Furthermore, TSA Tech can also set up your smart home to scare intruders to leave when you are away and send a message to let you know!

TSA Tech not only provides home automation solutions, but we also test each one of our current setups to ensure that they are reliable, stable, and fit for any home. We provide solutions for new and under construction homes, as well as for upgrading existing homes. We also offer solutions for offices, business purposes, and hotel rooms. Don’t hesitate to contact us for queries about home automation for your place.

We also provide solutions for garage doors, gate, entrance, and back door and work with many well-known and reliable brands such as Broadlink, Schneider Electrics, Aeotec, and Sensibo. Come and consult with TSA Tech on your smart future. It’s time for new-age thinking. Think smart.

COVID that has struck all our lives has made us become more of our hygiene. We are encouraged to wash and disinfect our hands and avoid touching our faces and any surfaces. It should also apply when we return home, but how can we copy that when the first thing we do after we get inside is to touch the light switch? TSA Tech can make it happen by using voice control for your lights. “Alexa, turn on the entrance lights” The lights will light up. But, when quiet in the middle of the night, and you don’t want to wake anyone up? We can also make the lights turn on without a single sound. With a detector of motion or a door action, the entrance will light up as you open the door, then the hallway and bathroom will light up as you walk over to wash your hands. When you finish cleaning your hands, you will also find the entrance lights are already off while other lights light up as you enter each area of your home.

Feel like a party mood, and we can set up brighten up your home with super colourful lights like a disco with one easy command. And turn it back to normal when someone else comes in if you’re planning to party in secret.

Roller blinds and curtains, we can control them! Don’t hesitate to ask us about it!


What can TSA Automation help?


Control your lights through sound control with ease with TSA Tech. Automate your lights to flick on and off at specific times of the day and when people are around.


Climate Control

With TSA Tech’s Home Environment Control Set, you can automatically control your home’s temperature and just with a single command. You do not have to worry about finding your home cold or burning hot when you return home after a long busy day, and you will find your home to be more comfortable than ever before!


Power Efficiency

Want better control over your power and worry less about your upcoming electric bills? Don’t worry; TSA Tech can help you! With the intelligent Power setup, electronics can turn on only when you want them on.



Doesn’t everyone want their home to be safer, at home or away? Then, planning out your smart home security system is the way to go! Plan with TSA Tech your smart door locks, doorbells, and security cameras and sensors that notify you when someone is in front of your door.


Ease and Peace of Mind

You might believe your door is locked but did you close your door properly? What about your gate? Garage door? TSA Tech can solve all these worries that cloud your thoughts and distract you during your time outside. TSA Tech can provide a solution to these worries by sending a notification to your phone or email or a camera you can check your home anytime!


Automation systems

TSA Tech research and provides your solution using Z-Wave, Zigbee, C-Bus, and Wi-Fi to connect with brands like Alexa, Broadlink, Ring, and much more.


Home automation leads to a new lifestyle. It is a choice you can make to live in convenience, comfort, peace of mind, and enjoyment. Call or message and consult with us for more details about your home automation plan!