Plan to extending your wifi coverage, Mesh or Unifi?

Living in a large house? Muti-level? Even you live in one level house but find you cannot get wifi connection when you stay in a room far from the router? Or living in an old house and cannot installs the wire to get the internet connection through the place you work? Weak wifi signal drive you crazy? Thinking of starting a smart home?

Time to extending your wifi coverage for a better internet signal and faster speed. You do research, and you will find solutions and products talking about Mesh and Unifi for you to choose from; Both Mesh or Unifi AP is the popular options for extending your wifi coverage. But, what’s the difference?

Mesh system

Good –

  1. Easy to DIY, connect to your ONT on the wall, and set login name and password.
  2. No required wire to connect each access point. Plug-in power and turn on.
  3. Auto-connect to the nearest access point while you walk around.
  4. Lower price.
  5. There are many different manufactures and products to choose from in the market.


  1. The wifi signal level will cut almost in half when passing the wifi signal from one access point (AP) to another AP. It means more AP loop, and the wifi signal will become weaker. The reason is related to occupied bandwidth, the frequency range for communication between two AP.
  2. Internet speed may not sound as you expected.


  • Using internet cable to connect each AP to avoid the loss.
  • Put the main one (as a router) in the central position in the house. Arrange the AP to connect with the router.
  • Don’t connect too many AP. Three is the best.  Five is just right. More AP will more weak signal. It is why the most manufacturer sells 3 in one pack in the market



  1. The unlimited number of AP can be added and are suitable for a prominent place, school, office, stores, or multi-level apartments.
  2. There are different types of products to fit your need. For the ceiling, in the wall or corners.
  3. Less internet speed and signal loss.
  4. Not only for a wireless solution but also have products for wire systems. You can use one brand to solve most of your internet requirements.


  1. Expensive. It is not like the Mesh system, which may buy one and get all you need for the internet connection. For Unifi, you need to purchase different kinds of products to set-up for all your needs.
  2. If you plan to DIY, it would be best to learn how to use and install it before buying it. It is hard to choose the right products for your need if you are not familiar with the technology.


  • talk to a professional to help you plan and installation


The most important thing for choosing a Mesh or Unifi depends on your budget and the condition of places you plan to install. It is a good idea to talk to a professional to help before starting.