Many issues can affect your phone's functioning, such as battery issues, software or hardware issues. The experienced technician can take care of these issues. Even it is about the damaged screen, problems in calls, or upgrading a particular application, they know how to resolve each issue without damaging the internal circuits and get your phone working again.


How to choose a repair expert?

 1. Check the Reputation

Please make sure you pick one that carries a good reputation with its name. You can ask friends and families or anyone who has used the shop's service or check online reviews and testimonials. It would provide you an idea about the quality of service.

You may want a repair shop located in your area for convenience, which you can talk to the tech expert personally and address your smartphone's issue. A reputed mobile repair company with a proven performance record would provide you peace of mind and knowing your phone is in the right hands.


2. Check After Service Warranties

Reputed and experienced cell repair companies would offer a warranty on their repair jobs done. It is the mark of a reliable smartphone repair service and makes sure that if your smartphone starts facing the same issue again, you can go back and get it repaired without extra charges.


3. Check the Equipment

Ensure the repair expert uses only quality material and knows the topic of issues, which would not harm your phone in the end. It would help you save money on unnecessary repairs—especially the screen replacement.


4. Ask for a Quote

A price quotation can let you know in advance about the expenses incurring in resolving the issue. Then compare with prices from other shops to know the best deal.


5. Know the Turnaround Time

Minor and straightforward repairs would take the specialist about 30 minutes to one hour to repair. But a severe issue might require additional diagnoses, which can take some time


6. Check the Customer Service

Besides knowing about the tech expert dealing in phone repair and experience, it would help if you also got an idea about the customer service level. To make sure that the staff provides an excellent customer service experience. It will give you an idea about the level of service and quality to expect from the person working on your phone.



There are different phone repair companies in Auckland, and it is essential to find the right tech expert to repair your phone. A reputed professional knows how to diagnose the problem, provide the right solution, and fix it in the shortest possible time. 

TSA Tech Mobile Store provide total solution for your phone. You can get your phone repair while you are shopping. We are at Level 2 (Next to The Warehouse) Atrium on Elliott, Auckland CBD. Monday-Saturday