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02 Jun Enterprise networking gears, Cisco or Ubiquiti?
TSA Tech 0 534
Enterprise networking gears, Cisco or Ubiquiti?Today, we're going to talk about selecting network gears to match your business need. Cisco and Ubiquiti are both at the top for professional-grade wireless hardware. If you are looking for fine-grain control over an extensive network, Cisco is undoubtedly the best choice for your business. If the budg..
27 Mar Case Study - Smart home automation integration for an existing house
TSA Tech 0 244
Riddell Rd, Glendowie is a beautiful home with Smart Home Automation Integration System done by TSA Tech. As you drive home, you will feel your warm home greeting you as Alexa opens the gate and garage before reaching your destination. Along the way, the garage lights will light up to welcome you back. TSA Tech has integrated all lights throughout ..
08 Apr Find the suitable router for your home or office
TSA Tech 0 12342
Are you looking for a router? There are many different kinds of routers on the market now, which one is suitable for your need? Before talking about routers, you need to know what networks are?Computer networks have private networks and public networks. The basic concept of a network is sharing resources. For example, two computers sharing a printe..
26 Mar Extending your wifi coverage
TSA Tech 0 20065
Plan to extending your wifi coverage, Mesh or Unifi?Living in a large house? Muti-level? Even you live in one level house but find you cannot get wifi connection when you stay in a room far from the router? Or living in an old house and cannot installs the wire to get the internet connection through the place you work? Weak wifi signal drive you cr..
23 Mar Choosing a Professional for Phone Repair
TSA Tech 1 12352
Many issues can affect your phone's functioning, such as battery issues, software or hardware issues. The experienced technician can take care of these issues. Even it is about the damaged screen, problems in calls, or upgrading a particular application, they know how to resolve each issue without damaging the internal circuits and get your phone w..
17 Mar Home Automation
tingya 0 3617
Home automation is about integration, linking your life to comfort, with better security, control, and entertainment. TSA Tech can provide home automation solutions to upgrade your home towards being smart. We allow your lights, curtains, TV, air-con, and more to be controlled by simple voice command through Alexa, Siri, and Google. Lights don’t ju..
10 Mar How to Prepare for a smart home?
TSA Tech 0 3956
How to prepare for a smart home?For most people, a smart home offers excellent options to manage hectic and stressful life. Smart devices and appliances can make life easier. Before you start to upgrade your home to be a smart home, make sure that your home is prepared.Smart homes can be set-up through wireless or hardwired systems-or both. Wireles..
08 Mar How to save a water-damaged device?
TSA Tech 0 6372
How to save a water-damaged phone?Please bring them into the trustable repair store as fast as possible.More time means less chance to recover.What would water damage do to your device?When your devices fall in the water, the water turns into your devices via the ports, jacks, keyboard and speakers. The water in the device causes permanent dama..
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