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Model: EXTSA1417001
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Air Piano     EXTSA1417001STEAM Ability 1 Topic 4Creativity, design-thinking, and artistic skills are the foundation of innovation. With the Air Piano Extension Kit, students will have the opportunity to innovatively combine ultrasonic sensors, and coding..
Ex Tax:$112.18
Model: EXTSA2418002
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: BIONIC QUADRUPED ROBOT     EXTSA2418002STEAM Ability 2 Topic 4The Bionic Quadruped Robot extension kit transform FlipRobot into an advanced animal-like robot. Through intuitive servo motor graphical programming, students can expand their creativ..
Ex Tax:$381.74
Model: EXTSA2118003
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: DANCING ROBOT     EXTSA2118003STEAM Ability 2 Topic 1Bionics is essential for future robotic development in completing complex tasks. With the Dancing Robot Extension Kit, students will start their journey in learning the world of bionics by programming u..
Ex Tax:$94.79
Model: EXTSA1317001
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Insect Limbed Robot     EXTSA1317001STEAM Ability 1 Topic 3To navigate terrain inaccessible by the wheel, students learn the concept of kinetic energy through limbed mobility. The insect limbed robot extension kit transforms the E300 through the interacti..
Ex Tax:$86.09
Model: EXTSA1517001
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Little Artist     EXTSA1517001STEAM Ability 1 Topic 5Whether to explore creative expression, or to delve into the world of industrial design, students will benefit from the Little Artist Extension Kit. The versatility of the Omni-directional wheels enable..
Ex Tax:$199.14
Model: EXTSA2218001
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: DRUMMER ROBOT    EXTSA2218001STEAM Ability 2 Topic 2Robotics can be applied in many different industries. With the Little Drummer Extension Kit, students can discover the application of robotics in the production of percussive sound. They can also form a ..
Ex Tax:$129.57
Model: EXTSA1617001
FlipRobot E300 Extension Kit: Smart Household Cleaner     EXTSA1617001STEAM Ability 1 Topic 6Automation is all about working smarter, faster, and proficiently. By constructing an automated personal cleaning assistant, students explore the use of modern robotics in everyday life. The S..
Ex Tax:$86.09
Model: E30SA1117001
FlipRobot E300 Starter Kit: The Ultimate Robotic Learning Solution     E30SA1117001STEAM Ability 1 Topic 1 & 2Robotic learning is the most effective educational solution to acquire critical STEAM skills for a student’s future success. Innovative robotic architecture and design, co..
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Model: N249-KU-BK-K-EP
KOBO CLARA HD 6" EPD W/ CARTA DISPLAY(1448X1072) & COMFORTLIGHT PROKobo Clara HD is the perfect reading companion for any booklover. It always provides the best light to read by with ComfortLight PRO, and a natural, print-like reading experience on its superior 6” HD screen. Easily customizable ..
Ex Tax:$199.14
Model: N782-KU-BK-K-EP
To make the reading experience better for ravenous booklovers who read for hours on end, and want a lightweight, portable alternative to heavy print books, we’ve delivered our most comfortable eReader yet with waterproof reliability, the choice of landscape or portrait mode, and the expanded access ..
Ex Tax:$433.92
LASER SMART HOME 720P HD INDOOR SECURITY CAMERADiscrete and compact, the Laser Wireless Smart Security Camera is the perfect security solution to keep an eye on kids & pets at home, or as an indoor surveillance camera for a small business. Rest assured with the advanced motion detection and nigh..
Ex Tax:$86.92
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