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Ubiquiti - 24-Port UniFi Gigabit Managed PoE Switch, Gen2, 16x PoE Ports

Ubiquiti - 24-Port UniFi Gigabit Managed PoE Switch, Gen2, 16x PoE Ports
Ubiquiti - 24-Port UniFi Gigabit Managed PoE Switch, Gen2, 16x PoE Ports
  • (24) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • (16) 802.3at PoE+ Ports
  • Total Available PoE : 95W
  • (2) 1G SFP Ports
  • 1.3" touch LCM
  • Managed by UniFi Controller
  • 240W Power supply

The USW-24-POE Gen 2 is a configurable Gigabit Layer 2 switch with twenty-four Gigabit Ethernet ports including sixteen auto-sensing 802.3at PoE+ ports, and two SFP ports. It provides Gigabit PoE links to your RJ45 Ethernet devices and Gigabit fiber uplink options to your enterprise network. The USW-24-POE features a 1.3" touch LCM to provide status information. With a depth of 7.9", the compact fanless design can be easily installed in a SOHO rack cabinet.

Managed and configured by the UniFi Network Controller with UniFi mobile app support, the USW-24-POE offers an extensive suite of advanced Layer 2 switching protocols and features, including operation mode (switching, mirroring, or aggregate) per port. The UniFi Network Controller and mobile app allow admins to configure and monitor virtually all of the switch features in a graphical user interface from anywhere.

Compact Form Factor
Measuring only 7.9" in depth, the UniFi PoE Switch is designed for convenient installation:
• rackmounted in a SOHO rack cabinet
• placed on a desktop

Fiber Connectivity
SFP ports enable network uplinks of up to 1 Gbps.

Fanless, Silent Cooling
The UniFi PoE Switch features fanless, silent thermal cooling*, so it can be deployed in areas where fan noise would be distracting.
* Fanless switches must not be stacked.

Switching Performance
The UniFi PoE Switch offers the forwarding capacity to simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate without any packet loss.

802.3af/at PoE
PoE support simplifies your network infrastructure and cabling. PoE ports offer 802.3af/at to power your PoE devices, such as UniFi APs and cameras.

  • Number of PoE Ports : 16
  • Total Available PoE : 95W
  • Max. PoE Wattage per Port : 32W

Innovative Display
The 1.3" touchscreen displays status information for easy monitoring and quick troubleshooting.

  • Dimensions 442.4 x 200 x 43.7 mm
  • Weight With Brackets 3.09 kg
  • (16) Gigabit RJ45 ports with 802.3af/at
  • (8) Standard Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • (2) 1G SFP ports
  • 1U Rackmountable (hardware included)

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